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chair, apartment

monday summary posted on a monday?

Today: a meeting about my dissertation project, a meeting about campus wireless, reading at Solstice, and going to see Melinda & Melinda with Carolyn.

It was much better than I expected, though the "comedy" parts maybe should've been funnier. My other complaint was that Melinda's not-Australian accent was mildy distracted. Finally, I have incredibly difficulty taking Wallace Shawn seriously because he will always be Vizzini from the Princess Bride in my mind.

But quibbles aside, it was an enjoyable movie and was entertaining in a modern Woody Allen sort of way. It was certainly less demoralizing than facing the pub quiz with just two people. We have an obligation to our team to not go negative.


have you seen "Dinner With Andre"?
i really enjoyed it, and i think you'd like the subleties of their conversation.
he will absolutely always be the sicilian though, even if he was fantastic in "vanya on 42nd street" as well.
do you think melinda is worth seeing, or wait to (never actually) rent it?
I think it is maybe worth seeing, especially if you are/were interested in seeing it.

I never rent movies and the other movie options were slim, so it seemed like a good idea at the time.