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fri/sat/sun post with errors and misspellings

er. right. after watching the very very exciting basketball game on Friday, Ellen brought Amber and Aliya over to my apartment until we decided that everyone was starving. The hunger led us to Pagliacci and impaired our ability to decide between individual slices or full pizzas. Eventually, math got the better of us and it seemed that there was no money to be saved and time to be lost by purchasing entire pies. Travis and Aviva came and then it was time to go dessert hunting for an event at Kenny and Joey's house.

Ellen decided that the fanciness of a cake from Dillettante was not worth paying the exorbitant prices and breaking her attitude-based ban on their products. Instead, we crossed the street and bought a key lime pie and a chocolate torte for less than half the price at QFC. On top of this, the torte was decorated with the phrase "Dukakis '12" (but obviously not "happy birthday"). The dessert party involved an introduction game, coffee with alcohol, and outfit changes for some attendees (esp. Cori). After the event reached the Weezer sing-a-long stage, it was time to adjourn to Linda's.

When the staff at the bar threw us out into the rain at 1:30 we all went home. On the way, a (non-homeless, nicely dressed, asian) woman on the sidewalk was really unhappy about the rain and how "her friend left her with the differnet boy!! waah!" among other things. She kept stopping and sort of wailing at the elements.

It was kind of insane and really funny. We all felt the same way about the weather, so it was a great excuse to vocalize.


Saturday started with some watching of curling, continues with the eating of Thai food while watching basketball, and falling asleep even as the (Louisville-West Virginia) game turned out to be (apparently) very exciting. We missed the (apparently even more intense and thrilling) Arizona--Illinois game because it occurred during dinner party time.

This was a very good trade-off, because despite the thrill of victory and agony of defeat aspects of watching televised college sports, dinner parties with good people and cute children are a pretty respectable alternative. This event also included multiple desserts and more than one occasion where people burst into song. Eventually though, it was time for the children to go to sleep and for Ellen and Kailin to think about flying back to New York, and for me to go see Bloc Party with Carole.

Carole and I started by going to B & O where I had another dessert item. Then more walking in the rain. Then watching Bloc Party at Neumo's. [Is it weird to note the the crowd was noticeably multi-ethnic than the typical Neumo's rock and roll scene? Or to think that this was possibly in response to the multi-ethnic British band?]

The show was pretty darn good. Silent Alarm is currently among the albums that I seem to want to play over and over (though I'm more a fan of the shimmery guitary songs; so I don't often listen to the whole thing all the time.) Other notes: the drummer was bizarrely shirtless and sweaty. At times the crowd got all kinds of dancey. Other times, people got all kinds of make-outey. Several had no sense of personal space. And there was at least one episode of near fistfight, regarding a potential purse theft.

My favorite side effect of the show was the presence of new KEXP "from/to" postcards [kexp]. I also stole a poster with all of the "from/to" images. Eventually, the guilt will catch up with me and cause me to pledge to the station. Seeing this poster on my dining room makes me pretty happy.


Sunday involved much in the way of basketball watching, laundry, and sleeping with a little working thrown in for good measure.

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