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a (tom izzo) easter miracle?

double overtime!

I can almost smell the bonfires on Bailey Street Wait -- maybe pointless melees/fracases/riots are only for losses and are strictly pre-millenial?

What a great game. March Madness is killing me with this intensity!


wow, what a game.
i was hoping for some triple overtime,
but kentucky just couldn't get it done.
Triple overtime would've killed me.
That was like the most exciting game ever! That first overtime almost killed me!
I know! The zooming and slow replaying of that last shot were out of control.

(It would've been kind of sketchy to win on a questionable call, but MSU definitely had to win.)
It's like they were trying to burn the image of that shot into our brains forever...I'll close my eyes tonight and that's all I'll see.

I completely thought his toe was on the line, but of course I'm totally biased. And yeah, I'm happier to win in a noncontroversial manner. If they had lost in overtime though I would have completely flipped out about that shot.
I thought you said mall madness, not march madness.
they're pretty similar. yet completely different.
it was a great game.

i'm looking forward to saturday :)

march melee

My heart was beating so friggin' fast I couldn't stand it! I'm glad they gave us 10 extra minutes to prove that we could get the job done - without that stupid replay replay replay.