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180 / midnight only seems late when you woke up and seven

a couple of years ago,
after a night at harpers with Fred and Cindy
that ended with ballet in the living room
and me hung over for Hinduism class,
I decided that Monday night drinking was bad for the soul.

I’ve pretty much reconsidered that position.

next time, I might even sing?


If you sing next week, I will be there to cheer you on!! Wasn't in the mood to go last night, but I'll try to be there next week.



I'm not making any promises. I'm not sure if I can betray my sacred oath to avoid karoke forever. One time in a drunken haze I found myself trying to sing a Britney Spears song. Thankfully, neither of us knew the words.

I'll try to attend next week, but I have a flight early Tuesday morning...

Clear Memory

Correction... I remember thinking what a great ballerina you made and what a beautiful voice you have. You ROCK. People from Vicksburg certainly do not lack talent when it comes to the arts.

Re: sexy beast

nice picture.

the ballet was a very moving duet between you and fred. i think jenna might have put the smack down on the whole prodution though. tragic, people who can't appreciate the late-night arts!

maybe i should start employing a madame psychosis karoake excuse -- my karaoke voice is so beautiful it renders listeners terminally insane.