josh (joshc) wrote,

critical literacy

I was all set to go home for lunch to watch the UW's round one basketball game, but on my way to the bus I checked ESPN to look at scores. Because of the layout of the page (perhaps only on le sidekick), I thought that my initial reading of the schedule was incorrect. So, I went back and spent some quality time with my computer, getting it to do fun tricks with numbers.

When I got home in time for the 4:10 game, I learned that I had missed the game. Since I'm the fairest of fairweather fans, I'm not too broken up about it. Nearly one hundred percent of illiterates can't read ...


Now though, I'm watching CBS and wondering why those little scoreboards at the top of the screen aren't updated in real time. If they can draw imaginary yellow lines on football fields, why can't they keep the clocks running on superimposed scoreboards? Maybe all of the games are simultaneously stopped whenever I look, but that seems pretty improbable.

update: occasionally, one of the clocks ticks, but I have yet to see all of them moving at the same time.

update: I've reconsidered. It seems like "stopped" is the most likely state of a clock in a basketball game (this should've been obvious, since games last much longer than the time on the clock). As such, it would probably be stranger for four clocks to simultaneously be in the "running" state. Someone should really create a model to describe this phenomenon.

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