josh (joshc) wrote,

epidermal report

I woke up this morning and noticed a sort-of rash on my elbow and hand. Even though it wasn't itchy, I forced myself to leave the office early to drop by the health center because I would've felt weird about asking one of the many health professional colleagues to look at bumps on my skin and I hate it when people ignore potential health problems or try to diagnose them on the internet.

The nurses at Hall Health pretty much didn't know what it was, but were pretty sure that I didn't have some sort of horrible contagious disease. Even better, they were confident that my apartment wasn't infested with some sort of biting parasites. These were the two main things that I wanted to hear. As an experiment, they suggested that I take Benadryl for a couple nights just to see what happens. And I'm all about taking pills that make me sleepy; so it's a win-win situation.

Now, please realize that I am not complaining. Of all the places to have unexpected and non-itchy skin weirdness, the elbow is definitely optimal as far as I'm concerned.


The side benefit of going to campus for health advice was that it motivated me to pay a visit to the IMA. Walking the short distance to the gym, I got completely drenched. Fitting, since I was en route to the pool.


Tonight I went to Elliott Bay to hear Kevin Guilfoile read from his new book, Cast of Shadows [$], mostly because I posted about it on the seattle metblog and would've felt bad about not attending an event that I recommended. The book sounds philosophically thrilling, but I didn't buy a copy because I'm way behind in both the stack of books that I have waiting for me and in my books budget.

Matthew Baldwin, of was also in attendance. He warmed up the crowd with a funny story of visiting with Darth Vader in 1979.


The Benadryl is kicking in now, so off to drug-induced sleep for me!

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