josh (joshc) wrote,

unnamed restaurants and fusion cinema

For the second time in a week, efforts to go to the restaurant at 913 Pike failed. On Friday they were overcrowded, today they were closed. Because I still haven't put phone numbers into my sidekick I couldn't call Carolyn; so I waited outside for her to arrive and flipped through a promotional copy of Resonance magazine. Several other people tried to get in; so I didn't feel as bad about not knowing about their policy of closing on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The reading bit caused me to not notice Carolyn walking past the poorly marked restaurant, resulting in further delays in our evening agenda. Which turned out to be watching Bride & Prejudice. It is "the perfect marriage of Bollywood and Hollywood," an adaptation of the Jane Austen novel of a very similar title. Every bit as cheesy as one might expect from this concept, the film was still pretty enjoyable. I'm assured that it generally followed the book's plot, though more than a few liberties were taken.

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