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end of weekend weekend post goes here.

All day the breeze kept catching the petals of that magnolia tree, scattering them from the branches and onto the concrete behind my apartment. The same thing is already starting to happen to the other trees in the neighborhood, causing this beautiful and terrifying floral rain.


By mid-afternoon I managed to force myself out of the house with this month's issue of the Believer and a beach towel to sit on the hill at Volunteer Park overlooking the technicolor reservoir. If there are truly people with the ability to find comfort sitting on the ground and trying to read, I do not number among them. I can get by on the idea of it for a couple hours, soldiering along through the pages and pretending that I'm one move away from the perfect unawkward posture. Eventually though, the effort catches up with me and that already mentioned breeze seems too cool and page flutteringly distracting. Not to mention the screaming crows on the other side of the park.

But it's not my intention to complain about a few hours of reading in the sun.


Other weekend activities included: buying some new shoes at Edie's, chopping about 700 words out of my short dissertation proposal, writing rejection letters for techfee, burning a grilled sandwich, eating greek food, seeing Kings of Convenience (see also, someone else's better pictures [lj]), and hanging out at B & O with an ever increasing group of people. One of whom turned out to be from Kalamazoo. He's trying to get inducted into the moped army (which, although I didn't know about it until now, is a Kalamazoo thing). Of the people from Michigan that I've met in Seattle, a strangely high proportion have been from Kalamazoo (and southwest Michigan).

I am very intrigued by people who go to a Kings of Convenience concert [better pictures from someone else and stand up on the balcony talking loudly. Wasn't the title of their first CD explicit enough about the quiet part? If anything, those people end up sort of uniting the rest of the audience in their quiet and/or cooperative solidarity, which is a kind of nice feeling. It's also pretty amusing how everyone is in love with Erlend, despite Eirik being the stylish and conventionally attractive member of the duo. This, I suppose, speaks to the power of smooth euro-dancing and chatting up the crowd versus nordic reserve. (I hate to think about this having anything to do with Napoleon Dynamite.)

Finally, I'm regretting not buying a Feist CD, only because it would be neat to have a CD before it's released here. Oh, and because she is really great.

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