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f.y.i. / k.o.c.

tune yourself into kexp:

kings of convenience (and feist) are performing live on the radio.

they're at the triple door for a members only show. apparently membership does have its privileges.


thx for posting, but dammnit!
I'm sure they'll archive the stream, but it makes $42/month seem pretty worthwhile.
true dat
apparently, the privileges aren't extended so fully, because I'm not there, and I'd really like to be.
ugh. that sucks. I assumed that you were the woman in the audience who donated a nail file.

I guess I'll hold off on giving them my credit card number! They keep talking about how it's for members only. But not I can't remember if they're saying gold club or 500 club.
there's also a great chance that the notification got thrown in with spam. Yahoo has been doing that to me lately. And, perhaps their membership list got screwed up after the last drive? I won't hold it against them for too long. I was already committed to visiting Josh's family in Woodinville today anyway.
yeah, but you could have probably sold the opportunity to some rabid fans who were willing to impersonate you. (though that might not be in the spirit of membership unless you returned the proceeds to the station)