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kings of convenience

excellent show. quietness enforced & singalongs encouraged. smooth norwegian patter and dancing in full effect.

more crappy pictures on my flickr. maybe i'll type more in the morning, but i was anxious to see the (not very good) pictures when I got home.


who was the female guitarist? she wasn't there in ny.

i will have to tell you all the cute stories they told. lots of their songs from the first album are actually about new york (little kids playing in the park downtown, e.g.)
the lady was feist, KoCs favorite female artist:

they didn't tell us cute stories and there were a bunch of jerks in our audience, one that even yelled out "i love simon & garfunkel" just to be met with a bunch of booooos. the nerve of some people! but speaking of little kids, there were 4 little kids at the show, next to the stage, and erlend had them come up to snap & kinda sing during the song, it was v cute.

(don't forget the other NY line in 'little kids':
soon they'll be all gone as the sun goes down
and rises over, Brooklyn Bridge tomorrow...
So jealous...I didn't realize it would sell out!