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someone else must have thought of this.

I missed the opening of last week's Simpsons and just got around to watching it. Doesn't the Simpson's "Powers of Ten" couch gag [torrent] reveal the location of top secret location of Springfield?

(via boingboing [#])


You know what's wierd, I swear I had seen that opening before. I mean, the instant it started to pull back last Sunday I was like, "Oh, man, I thought this was supposed to be new!?". I mean, even Homer's reaction to it at the end, I knew was coming. Am I the only one who remembers seeing this intro before?

As for the location, the first time the episode with Lisa living in the tree aired, she looked across Springfield and there was St. Louis (well, an inaccurate version, but it had the Arch) with the Mississippi river on the other side. Lisa says something about it being a shame she's never stopped to take in the view before When it was first repeated the scene changed. The camera didn't pan past Springfield and Lisa's remark was missing. Unfortunately, the syndicated repeats cut this scene, and more, out entirely to make room for more commercials.

Of course, the argument against it being Springfield MO is obvious: In one episode (Lisa cheats on a test to get an A++, which pushes the school's scores high enough to get federal funding), Superintendant Chalmers says that their school is the worst in Missouri. Stunned/questioning silence from other cast memebers. Then Chalmers states that that is why they had to move it "here", brick by brick.

The syndicated re-edits have to be the worst crime against yellow people and Carl ever. They seem to target parts without jokes, without a care for any key moments in the plot, which fucks the next joke and the plot.

Oh man, I need a girlfriend...
they're in missouri then?
I think that the powers of 10 video would put them in Illinois.

[approximately due south of Winisk (east of the James Bay part of Hudson Bay) and approximately due West of Baltimore, MD]
this is true
Well, we are the learn to fart state. Naw, I think it's all BS. I'm betting that it has never been connected to any state. Maybe it's a combination of all of the Springfields. It has mountains, desert, ocean, lakes, large wooded areas, whitewater rivers and Sideshow Mel-- it could be anywhere.
Well, as the saying goes, there's a Springfield in every state... or something like that.

crimes against yellow people?

The internet says that it was the opening from "The Ziff who Came to Dinner" [tvtome]

And it might look like they're in northern Illinois because the opening is a parody of the powers of 10 science movie which starts in a Chicago park. I think the video was made by someone at Northwestern?
I've definitely seen that opening before.
I thought so, too.

The internet tells me that it was the opening for the "The Ziff who Came to Dinner" [tvtome].

BoingBoing was probably just going crazy over it because someone posted a torrent. They seem to love the .torrents.
I agree with what xanthussaves says about Springfield being a conglomeration of locations depending on what each episode needs...sort of a nod to magical realism (in my head, at least). Although there's many aspects of the Simpsons that require a suspension of disbelief, this one really stands out to people. We have a need to have that location pinned down!

Also, Powers of Ten was done by Charles and Ray Eames, and it starts in the cells of the hand of a guy laying in a grassy area by the highway near Soldier Field. Between that video and their furniture...If I were going to a desert island and could only take one mid-centry modern designer's work with me (Because of course that's the important question...not what music or books I'd take :P) it'd be the Eameses for sure.

You can check out the Eames video from the OUGL Media Center; one of its Library of Congress subject headings is "decimal system," which is funny to me.

omg, one last thing: http://www.powersof10.com/
They've turned this concept into a global event! Kind of extreme. However, that site does a nice job of recreating the concepts of the video in a more process-able way.