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whoa. there was just a huge thunder-like sound. everyone is looking out their windows, but there isn't anything to see.


I'm pretty sure it was thunder. I saw a huge flash of light about 10 seconds before the boom. I was really confused for about 10 seconds.
the asteroid is hitting earth.


oh. was that all? no worries then.

carry on.
THE asteroid?!
oh.. you didn't get the memo i guess.
there was a memo?


there's always a memo.

p.s. sorry if I abandoned your IM conversation. I sorta forgot about it and went to dante's ...
are you part of that dante's monday night crew? I've read a few journals about that... sounds fun. I need to hang out with more people that aren't from my college (spu).


well, I was randomly invited and attended the past couple of weeks. So I'm not an expert or anything.

[ insert proper emoticon here ]

It's fun to hang out with people you don't really know. Especially when they sing karaoke...


senor misterio!! archie mcphees! (great lj icon)