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expectations exceeded

You know when you go to see a movie and kind of know that it won't be the most cheery thing ever, but you go because it's free and potentially worth watching? Well, isn't it great when it turns out to be more than two hours of excruciatingly bleak and you keep wondering why it is you're still watching?

Yeah. That's what it was like to watch Nobody Knows, which is a Japanese film about a year in the life of four kids essentially abandoned by their mother. The three youngest kids aren't allowed to leave the apartment because they aren't supposed to be living there. The fun part is that every time you think that their lives can't get worse -- surprise! they can.

I'm sure there's something redeeming about the movie, I just can't think of anything right now.


Other than that, I went to class and worked at the office and sent around a revision of my dissertation proposal. I'd been rewriting a few paragraphs over and over again; so it was nice to be rid of it.


Dude, you should know better than most people that a "sad movie" does not equal a "bad movie". There's a very common tendency to see something that people find sad or depressing and to project the emotions the movie evokes onto the quality of the movie itself, but that's just wrong. If anything the movie worked very well because it got you to feel those things.
I didn't mean to imply that it was a "bad movie" but I can see how it may have read that way. Although I have a few problems with it, I think that it succeeds in what it's trying to do, which is present something exceedingly long and bleak.

Like I said, I'm sure there's something redeeming in it. I'm not sure if that's for the characters, the audience, or both. After the movie, I picked up some groceries and thought "gee, it sure is fun not to be abandoned and penniless and able to buy some food at a supermarket!" maybe that counts in the redeeming column.

As a side issue, I resent the film's trailer (which didn't play a role in my decision to see the movie). The truly awful narrator blathers on and on about the magical journey of these four abandoned kids, which seems pretty manipulative.

Maybe this is why I would find it difficult to recommend the movie. I find recommendations really heavy in general, and especially in cases where I don't want to be responsible for sending people off to watch depressing things.