josh (joshc) wrote,

dave vs. david

Today I bought over fifty dollars worth of periodicals published by the McSweeney's empire (I'm really behind on my Believers and my subscription to the Quarterly ran out); so maybe I'm prone to finding this interview with Dave Eggers by David Amsden more interesting than it actually is:
You only want to work on the stuff you're not supposed to be working on. That's how it always is. I'll always be working on five things at once, usually with those documents open at the same time because if I get stuck somewhere I'll jump over to something else. That's how my head has always worked. I don't know if it's 'cause I watched too much TV as a kid or what. It really could be that. [salon]
That paragraph is from a section of the interview where they discuss work styles. Among other interesting parts, it's nice to read that some procrastinators actually turn out to be pretty successful individuals.

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