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i am not a stuffed tiger.

word of mouth

Ever since I saw Off the Map at last year's Seattle International Film Festival, I've been secretly worrying about how it probably wouldn't be released for people to see it outside of the festival circuit. Joan Allen, who's in the movie, was on Charlie Rose tonight and CR mentioned that the film was opening in select cities this weekend. This news made me intensely and irrationally happy.

Among other things Off the Map is about New Mexico, depression, and art. You'll probably read the plot summary and find it overcute -- IRS agent visits a family with a depressed father (& spunky daughter) who live off the grid to collect overdue taxes and becomes an artist -- but I hope you'll look at the long rollout schedule (http://www.offthemapmovie.com/showtimes.html) and see it when it comes to your town.

It really is a lovely little movie.


When the list of films is announced for this year you and I should compare our picks and see if it would be practical to meet up for a few of them. It's so much more fun when you have someone to chat with before and after.
Definitely, especially since SIFFgoing seems to require enormous wait times.
Last year I just took a book with me and read whilst in line, but it would certainly be more fun to have someone to chat with. We can out-geek the people around us and talk about Herzog and Yimou and Wenders.
except for the part where I'm cinema illiterate, that sounds good.
Heh, well if you'll permit me I'll talk your ear off and give you enough movie recommendations to last you your next two lifetimes.
oh good. it comes to tucson on april 1st. i sort of figured it would get here as we have some nice art house theaters left that get the lesser known quality movies. but i'd really be interested in hearing about anymore unknown movies you have seen or heard about because i feel like i am missing a lot of good stuff. i'd appreciate it.
Cool. I hope you like it!

I'll let you know/post if I come across anything else of interest.