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Friday's all star department happy hour took place at Sunset Bowl. Though I'm generally skeptical of bowling, it turned out to be a big hit with the fluorescent balls, fries by the pound, and thrill of rented shoes to keep people entertained. Perhaps I found it more enjoyable than usual since I bowled only half a game, alternating with Carolyn and beating the competition.

Later, some of us went to Neumo's for the Stranger's Big Shot Finals where we heard Schoolyard Heroes and Razrez vying for the title and and fabulous prizes. After Razrez won the trophy, United State of Electronica played. I think that they must be the happiest band in all of Seattle, or at least they have a a way of conveying that impression while performing. By the last song, the stage was filled with happy crowd members.


On Saturday I watched a lot of Project Runway (damn my inability to resist weekend marathons!) and met up with Jeff & co. at the Triple Door to listen to Ian MacFerron. He's sort of a poor man's Ryan Adams (I apologize if this statement is likely offensive to Ian true believers, but I think it's fairly accurate). The Triple Door is pretty cool in a way too fancy way. Anticipating the fancy, I wore a thrift store tuxedo jacket and took a taxi driven by a crazy guy.

Seating at the Triple Door is tiered and arranged lounge style, with little lamps on the table to alert the servers to spectator needs. While it was cool to eat tasty snacks from Wild Ginger and be waited on during a concert, I find it pretty hard to be engaged with a performance while sitting far away at a table.

The show ended early; so we went to the Cha Cha and Chapel for a little bit of extra drinking.


When the Sunday morning shows were boring, I procrastinated my actual work by making a textual map [metblogs] of the seattle music scene based on the Stranger's annual music directory. I probably did it a very inefficient way.

I didn't get as much done today (or this weekend) as I should have. At least I managed to take a stack of articles to Victrola and stayed until I'd read all of them.

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