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At art walk, accidentally stumbled into a party for Arcade. Free champagne, appetizers, and desserts (chocolate dipped strawberries!) in exchange for a few speeches.


later/earlier: we escaped when the speeches ended and checked out the some of the other galleries. Later, I checked out the the lofts above SnowboardConnection and was pretty impressed. The time to the top floor was well worth the effort. In one of the rooms, some kids from Seattle U were talking about modernism, but they weren't part of the exhibit, as far as I could tell.

While I was waiting to meet up with Jeff for artwalking, I saw way too many books that I wanted to buy at Elliott Bay, but I didn't get any of them. This is my version of fiscal responsibility.


To the best of my limited knowledge, First Thursday really is unique. Soak it up!
the quality of the first thursday experience is definitely correlated with the weather, at least in terms of crowd-density and related potential for people-watching.