josh (joshc) wrote,

Bumbershoot - monday (SRMM)

Today I was an Arts Activity Assistant - make spirit dolls from raffea and sticks!; after that I went to
  • Dave Eggers & Sarah Vowell (barely - about five thousand people showed up for one of 800 seats in the Bagley-Wright theatre. I waited for a seat to open since I was within 20 spots of the door and got in to see DE break some boards and hear SV read a little bit. I had both of them sign books which was nice. Dave didn't draw anything clever in my book, so I was a little sad. I think it's because I bought an extra copy at the table -- maybe he thought I wasn't a true fan? );
  • Aveo (it was intensely cool to see Aveo playing in Sky Church. The band kept making fun of the security - laughing they were dangerous or something. Having only seen them on small stages, the big light show was pretty neato. Before the show, I washed my hands right next to WW - I feel so celebrity crazed);
  • later I saw a poorly attended Guided by Voices show; and
  • ran off to see a little bit of Cake in the giant stadium show. What a day to end the big festival!
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