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chair, apartment

l & f report | et c.

The case of the missing eyeglasses has been solved. Amazingly enough, found in my nightstand drawer, illustrating my dependence on routine placement of objects. Four inches out of expected range and an item becomes invisible.

Still at large, the forks, my old iPod and a red & gold scarf.


I went to the office at nine this morning for a conference call and had meetings of various sorts until four thirty. Still, I stayed later and started writing a response to questions from human subjects. This is just another way of saying that I really only get anything done in the late afternoon.


In day late and dollar short news, a "New Poll Finds Bush Priorities Are Out of Step With Americans" [nyt]. Reading beyond the headlines still seems like a form of self mutilation.


Isn't your old digital camera still at-large, too?

Maybe your friends steal one fork each time they come over - the way we used to steal knives from Pizza Hut each time we went there to eat.


I wouldn't put it past you to absent-mindedly throw them away with leftover food or whatever when you're scraping the plate. . . yes?
That would be awesome/hilarious if it was the Pizza Hut theory...you'll really know they mean business when the salt, pepper and small plates go missing.
yes. it's ridiculous how I lose things.

The only problem with the stolen forks theory is that I never have dinner parties. I guess I just need to buy some more silverware.
LOL - yes, that's a good idea. I've been wanting some stylish silverware lately but can't find any that I love that are less than $100.

I don't even care if it's stylish. I just think it's bad form to have so few forks. Yet I'm not quite desperate enough to buy a crappy set at QFC.
Yeah. You can usually get some decent ones at Target than aren't too expensive. Do you have Target or means of getting to a Target. Of course there's always Target.com.