josh (joshc) wrote,

so much for the afterglow

So much for my picks.

I tied Rachel for the best predictor at my little oscar party, but gave the prize to her. It was a Hello Kitty shaped bottle of bubble bath (in the tradition of a previous party where I won a Scooby Doo bottle [-2y] for correctly guessing the same number of winners.) It was really the first time that I'd had people over to my apartment and things turned out fairly well. I checked out a data projector from school for the event and am getting addicted to having a full wall for a television screen. It was a little crowded in the living room, but everyone found a seat and we had no trouble watching for signs of tears among winners (a side guessing game).


The magnolia [?] tree in my backyard is blooming and instead of thinking "fire bad, tree pretty" I'm getting kind of freaked out. It's not that the tree is particularly menacing, it's just the the irrefutable beginning of spring. I realize it's early, but the fact of winter being over and a year having passed since I remember noticing it last year is a little much.

I don't know. Walking to the grocery store to return a movie (Ray) and pick up some extra party snacks in the afternoon sun seemed pretty nice; so maybe I'm coming to terms with the passage of time.

Incidentally, does anyone else find it pretty fucking strange that Hot Topic is now apparently the place to go for all of your Napoleon Dynamite merchandise?


I can accept disappearing socks, but forks? I don't even have a dishwasher. [note: this comment is entirely unrelated to tonight's party]


Finally, other than party planning, movie watching, and oscar watching, I'm almost finished watching the first season of Deadwood. It's pretty great, in that HBO old timey drama way.

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