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drinking in the dark

contrivance makes an appearance in newport

Sure, it was probably the most contrived episode of the o.c., maybe ever. Let us count the ways ...

But I'm completely willing to forgive (or even embrace) it because it killed off three awful plot arcs in a single hour.


1) I guess that individually, they might not have been contrived, but all of them at once was out of control: Rebecca, the Seth/Zac/Summer caffeine & alcohol enhanced tension loop, Marissa's very special coming out party, drippy Linsay vs. Caleb, in one episode. (The details were super-contrived, too: the kid playing with the horse, the rainstorm, all of the simultaneous old music, the car crash, the 911 call, Sandy never introducing Kirsten to Rebecca, the DNA test business, wishy-washy Caleb and his adoption or not subplot, taking it to another level of self-referentiality with the Laguna Beach analog). It was if the writers knew they were stuck and decided to get rid of all of the dead weight at once. Like I said, the contrivance was 100% worth it to get rid of those laggy subplots.

2) The last scene was fantastic, though I saw it coming as soon as Seth climbed up on the roof with that rope. It was brilliant how the mask was introduced earlier in the episode for the last scene payoff.

3) The Linsay story was probably the most contrived. Wasn't her mom on the city council or some sort of planning organization? I didn't believe that her she would've just skipped town or that Linsay would have even considered moving in to the Caleb and Julie house. Good riddance though.

4) Zac (just to mix up the spelling) is an out of control good guy.