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drinking in the dark

dear the lazyweb

In this week's issue of the Stranger Wm. ™ Steven Humphrey comments on the ground-braking nature of television's the o.c.
And this, my friends, is why The O.C. 's "LESBIAN SUBPLOT" is so vitally important. Because drunky Marissa has decided to go down on the punky Alex, almost every single character is now biologically connected, making The O.C. the most INCESTUOUS prime-time soap in the history of mankind! [thestranger]
To me, this reads as a call for someone to construct the the o.c sexchart. (a la the buffy sexchart [#])


You know, I was thinking the other day about doing that, because, truly, Humphrey is not exaggerating (as he is wont to do). It truly is the most incestuous show ever. It's actually kind of amazing how they pull it off and, because of the quality of the writing, make it seem completely natural and, dare I say, almost realistic. Never once have I found myself observing a relationship on the show and saying "Oh, that would NEVER happen!"

I have, in short, been drawn in by their beautiful, intricately-woven spell. And I'm loving it.

BTW, do you watch The OC, or are you just remarking on it? Cause, really, if you don't, you should give it a chance. From the ads I'm sure it just looks like a trashy soap (and that's how it likes to present itself), but it's one of the best-written and most touching shows on TV. It truly works in every level.
I do watch the o.c. and agree compeletly. It's fantastic. Especially the early episodes of seaon 1.
I'm probably just a sap, but I actually cried at the end of the third episode when they decided to adopt him. And that's when I knew it was a great show: when I could get that attached three episodes into the whole series.