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scientist, rubik's cube

When you're seeing a show at the Paramount and the ticket says 8:00 pm, that's the time that the actual show will start. Carolyn and I went to see Bright Eyes tonight and ended up missing all of Neva Dinova and Jesse Sykes because we stopped for a quick bite to eat on the way. Well, we arrived at the end of Jesse Sykes and assumed it was the beginning; so we went to the very crowded bar and ran into Jessica along with her friend and his date and (separately) one of Carolyn's neighbors and her friends.

And then, all of the sudden Bright Eyes was playing silently on the television in the corner of the room so we hurried to finish our drinks. I think that it was a pretty great show, but I'm a Conor believer and he songs were mostly from I'm wide awake, it's morning with one oldie and one new one. For the closing number, and the last song of the tour, members from all of the bands crowded the stage and played "Leaving on a Jet Plane." It was a moment of pure joy.

[have I ever mentioned that I didn't know that "Leaving on a Jet Plane" was a sad song until someone brought the song to the hallowwen party where Aaron's candy was stolen by street punks?]

Also. I went to class, swam, worked until I gave up, and went home to watch an episode of Deadwood.


i was at the show too, you and I always seem to be at the same events.
yikes. that's one flashy icon.
You knew it was a song but not a sad song? Doesn't the title pretty much give it away?
My mother must have had a way of making jet travel sound upbeat. She's never been one for correct lyrics, though.
... also, the encore performance of the song sounded pretty upbeat, too.
I dunno. . .
I videoed part of it with my camera, but then I just felt way too dorky and stopped. I would send you the short clip, but it wouldn't necessarily prove my point.
Go for it - you know my gmail addy right? I'd love to see it since i missed the concert here due to illness. . .

gmail doesn't seem interested in allowing me to send 10+ MB files. I'll try again later.
Yeah, that's okay. Livejournal won't let me post an entry so technology just sucks tonight.
Also, my introduction to that song was that we sang it at the end of camp at Van Buren Youth Camp (affectionately known as VBYC) and so of course it was sad, it was the end of camp! So I had a bit on you, I s'pose.