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i am not a stuffed tiger.


I went to a cat show today. It was at Seattle Center, and I was promised agility competitions and didn't have any other afternoon plans; so I met the gang (Carole, Jon, Rachel, and Elena) for a good old fashioned cat show. The theme was "my furry valentine" and cats seem to be better at sitting in their little cages than running through obstacle courses.

It was about an hour of fun, and it turns out that I'm still sort of allergic to cats, at least in macro doses.

Later, we went to Thai Tom for dinner. This involved waiting outside for a long time, being crowded around a tiny table, and waiting a long time for our food. But this was expected and the food was good so it was o.k.

Because of all of the waiting, Carolyn and I weren't able to see Hotel Rwanda. Instead, we saw In Good Company. It was entirely pleasant with endearing characters who were a little to perfect. But Scarlett Johansson reading the phone book for an hour would probably be a worthwile movie, too. This is not to say that I didn't enjoy the movie, but many people in the tiny theater enjoyed it much more than we did, especially the guy next to us who stayed for all of the credits.

I didn't go to a bar for someone's birthday because I have this lingering cough and I had used up all of my Ricola suppressing it during the movie. Instead, I came home and took some cough medicine and uploaded pictures of cats to the internet.

Soon, the nyquil will kick in and I'll fall into a drug-induced coma.


aww... kitty meow meows
I like the line, "good old fashioned cat show" as if it's an event where someone gets the crap beat out of them.
I've been looking for that page of cute kittens that evan posted a couple years ago - you don't happen to know where to find it, do you?
I hadn't thought of it that way, but I like the cut of it's jib.


I am very sorry to report that I don't have the link to the kitten cuteness page. I thought that I had filed it away in a bookmarks list for one of my browsers, but alas it seems lost to the ages. You should ask evan -- his livejournal client has a searchable history (I think).

more on the kittens

are you sure that the post was about kittens (and not puppies)?

in either case, this search ( http://www.google.com/search?q=cuteness+site:evan.livejournal.com ) turns up a couple strong candidates for the cuteness you seek:

http://www.e-michael.jp/gallery.htm [puppies]
http://www.picpix.com/evan/gallery/0001e012 [kittens]
I had basically the same experience with In Good Company. I liked it fine, mainly because of the actors more than anything else, but the people behind us could not stop laughing. They also thought every joke was the funniest thing they had ever heard, so much so that they often repeated them in case any of us had missed it the first time. My favorite was when the girl right behind me thought that Topher kept calling Dennis Quaid "Dad" and cracked up about it, saying "he's calling him dad!!" over and over until her friend finally explained that he was in fact calling him by his name: Dan.

Those cat pictures are sort of scary.
I love going to movies where some of the jokes are visual or not completely explicit and noticing how long it takes for people to notice them by the wave of whispers. It seems like there were instances of this in In Good Company where something was written on the screen and it took a really long time for people to read it and repeat it to their companions. If it really takes this long for people to read a single word, I understand why there are people who don't like subtitled movies.


The cats were even scarier. Many of them had cages that weren't conducive to photography (screens instead of bars) or were further away during the judging process. The agility portion was just embarrassing.