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so today at solstice, there was a guy on the deck who had a squirrel sitting on his table. not just any squirrel, but a squirrel on a leash.

a squirrel on a leash that he put into a fannypack when he finished his coffee.

(and I only stopped in to get a beverage to go; so it's not as if I was sitting there all day watching for weirdness)


yeah. I sort of jumped when I saw the leashed squirrel taking up residence on the table; he noticed and told me that it was friendly.

While I was waiting to order, I kept smiling and laughing at the idea of someone keeping a squirrel as a pet. The fannypack as carrier was even better.

His jacket said something about wildlife rescue and giving animals a second chance. It seemed strange when I thought of it in terms of re-introducing injured animals to the wild, but I guess that probably isn't their mission if he's teaching the squirrel to ride the bus and take walks.