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so today at solstice, there was a guy on the deck who had a squirrel sitting on his table. not just any squirrel, but a squirrel on a leash.

a squirrel on a leash that he put into a fannypack when he finished his coffee.

(and I only stopped in to get a beverage to go; so it's not as if I was sitting there all day watching for weirdness)


I'm not sure. The exit happened really quickly -- he tossed his coffee onto the sidewalk, put the squirrel in the pouch, and exited through the cafe. I tried to get a picture -- we'll see how it turns out.


I haven't seen the parrot tosser, but I did see a someone shopping at QFC with a parrot on his shoulder. There's also a guy who carries a rabbit while walking his dogs. I saw him last night on Olive and the night before on Broadway. So weird. The bunny isn't even on a leash.