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so today at solstice, there was a guy on the deck who had a squirrel sitting on his table. not just any squirrel, but a squirrel on a leash.

a squirrel on a leash that he put into a fannypack when he finished his coffee.

(and I only stopped in to get a beverage to go; so it's not as if I was sitting there all day watching for weirdness)


that's so weird. did he close the fanny pack all the way or was his head just sticking out? have you ever seen that guy at the pike place who tosses his parrot around while the parrot is on his back with feet up in the air?
I'm not sure. The exit happened really quickly -- he tossed his coffee onto the sidewalk, put the squirrel in the pouch, and exited through the cafe. I tried to get a picture -- we'll see how it turns out.


I haven't seen the parrot tosser, but I did see a someone shopping at QFC with a parrot on his shoulder. There's also a guy who carries a rabbit while walking his dogs. I saw him last night on Olive and the night before on Broadway. So weird. The bunny isn't even on a leash.
I saw him on the Ave today too (I work at UW...hi).

I sat across from that guy on a bus once. He would, rather forcefully, keep re-seating the squirrel on his thigh, facing out, and pressing it down. Sort of petting it. I tried not to pay attention to them, since I thought it inappropriate to take a squirrel for your companion--and on public transit, a pretty cheap attention ploy. But eventually everybody warmed up--me, some other passengers, the guy, and the squirrel, who was allowed to move to the guy's shoulder. Everybody ended up sort of smiling at each other, and it was nice.

That guy has the exact demeanor of the squirrel. Agitated but not violent, kind of speedy.
yeah. I sort of jumped when I saw the leashed squirrel taking up residence on the table; he noticed and told me that it was friendly.

While I was waiting to order, I kept smiling and laughing at the idea of someone keeping a squirrel as a pet. The fannypack as carrier was even better.

His jacket said something about wildlife rescue and giving animals a second chance. It seemed strange when I thought of it in terms of re-introducing injured animals to the wild, but I guess that probably isn't their mission if he's teaching the squirrel to ride the bus and take walks.
oh shit, i totally missed that... i went to sureshot instead of solstice today.