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a catch-up post of sorts

Last week was stupid and consumed by administrative things like getting signatures and making a list of people to be on my dissertation committee. Because I waited so long to submit the list, a policy changed and has made things more confusing. The signature business had to with people being on vacation and me being too impatient to wait for a shuttle to Harborview. Everything involving Harborview seemed to happen in slow motion -- the elevators, the shuttle, and the signatures -- so I hope that I don't need to go there for treatment anytime soon. The other weird thing was how the bathroom on the research floor was covered with graffiti. At least I got a chance to walk around First Hill on nice days and the view from the stairwell is pretty.
puget sound

On Friday night, the departmental roving happy hour was at Fado and one of the godfather-types of the faculty showed up, which was kind of funny. He was surprised that it was louder (and smokier) than the Big Time. Later, Eleanor, Brandon, Carolyn, and I went to Las Margaritas because the Owl and Thistle was charging a cover, where we had some food and talked about television shows for a long time. Because I never watched Melrose Place much of this discussion was mysterious. We were the only ones there -- except for the waiters' girlfriends -- and when we left, they turned off the ugly energy efficient halogen lamps and closed the restaurant.


On Saturday I had to go to the U-district to visit the Bookstore and the Post Office; so I decided that I might as well see the WOW exhibit at the Henry before it closed. It was pretty neat, and now I wish that I'd gone to the part at Western Bridge. So much for the procrastination lifestyle.
from wow
I spent a lot of time reading Kafka on the Shore [$] and listening to twee music like Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura and non-twee Dntel while some muted awards show flickered in the background.

I think that reading Murakami and watching a few Miyazaki movies (and even Lost in Translation) has given me an [false] impression that all of Japan exists in a constant state of magic realism. The book is really pleasant to read (I'm a fan of short chapters).


Yesterday, I watched/slept through the Superbowl, read some more, and made a timeline. All of the ads are on ifilm [#]. I'm sad that I missed Puppy Bowl.


Today, meeting, meeting, meeting, swimming, pub quiz.

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