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the subject writes itself

No need to get out your Venn-Diagrams, I know that you probably already read about this somewhere on the Gawker media empire. Still, I thought that it was important that we collectively (in a friendslist/internet sort of way) revel the headspinning reality shift induced by these two items:

"shocker and awe" [gawker]

If you haven't already, just read it now. Female mudwrestling in Iraq and the display of the "shocker" on network television by soldiers. So much for the NFL's plans to sanitize the Superbowl broadcast.


Also, the New York Times reports that Bush has read I am Charlotte Simmons. Surprising in itself, yes. But more surprising is that he read at all:
... in this job, there are some simple pleasures in life that really help you cope. One is Barney the dog, and the other is books. I mean, books are a great escape. [nyt]

I suppose this is especially true when there's a messy war and one's escaping to the sex and drugs adventures of a college co-ed.

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