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the only earth?

recappping the recaps

Dana Stevens/LIz Penn [no lo comprendo] reviews the reviews and reviewers of last night's televised State of the Union Address with special attention to "the hug" and the non-exchange of dogtags:
But it struck me as I rewound and re-watched that hug that there couldn't be a better metaphor for our country's current position in Iraq; we want the best for the Iraqi people, really we do, but we're afraid of getting more tangled up than we intended, and we're wary of just how much we're willing to give away. [slate] hug

Of course, the most bizarre moment of the speech was this post-oratory kiss with Senator "Joementum" Lieberman :

Watch for yourself (my screencap skillz are far from mad) [cspan, kiss at 58:05, hug at 54:30]

for an excellent visualization of the speech, see Parsing the State of the Union [style.org]


update: even though I was hours ahead of the curve on this screencap business, the internet is always making your life easier. Someone has posted the video for those of you who don't like fast-forwarding to the appropriate parts of the clip. [irishtrojan] Probably for the best since you might accidentally see parts of the actual speech once you fire up the speech in RealPlayer.


Although occupying a Middle-Eastern nation is a lot like two plump women spontaneously(?) hugging on national TV, Stevens/Penn's Hug-as-metaphor-for-occupation-slash-quagmire is quite a stretch.
did you read the whole article? the metaphor is really more about the non-exchange of the dead son's dogtags.

maybe I should include that part in the blockquote, but it's a long setup.
Yeah I did read it but apparently that detail was lost on me. It does make more sense now.