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buzzing ears

yikes. my ears are still ringing from trail of dead. which is a good thing, I guess. they smashed things at the end of their awesome set. it was very convincing and loud.

the show was super crowded and that was a little unsettling at times since I went alone. on the negative side, I missed crichtor's set. I guess I assumed that the crappy middle band would've played first. instead they seemed to play forever wearing their oh so cool nineteen eighty vintage jogging suits.

the misty rain didn't quite remove all the smoky residue, so I think I’ll take a quick shower before going to sleep.


Crap... I missed that show.

Going to concerts alone is definitely not cool (especially for the time in between sets). I've only done that once, and it was at a Death Cab show at the paradox a year or so ago.
I went to that show!

Re: movie script ending?

ah - then you weren't really alone?


yeah. usually I don't mind a whole lot. My friends have different musical tastes and I don't feel justified in dragging them along.

I think that the crowdedness and the heat and me not being in the best mood but not wanting to miss the show just combined not nicely.


Yeah... I think I'm starting to feel that way about a lot of shows. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm getting older and I feel old at shows.


old? you're barely old enough for 21+ shows, right?


yeah.. 22 and some change. I was referring to all ages shows.