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devil in the details, no giant black cats so far

Freaky news about neuro-linguistic programming on the streets of mother Russia:
MOSCOW — He was striking, with dark eyes, a long black ponytail and a stylish suit. He had a large, cheap ring that Olga couldn't stop looking at as he waved his hand repeatedly in front of her face.
"He was talking gibberish," she recalled. . . . Olga offered him the $250 in her purse for a taxi, but he said it wouldn't be enough. She found herself leading the man to her apartment. There, she opened her safe and counted out $500. "Can I have more?" he asked. "Can I have the 7,000 rubles in your purse?" Without replying, Olga emptied her wallet into his hands. [seattletimes]

I think the authorities should start worrying about a full-on Master and Margarita [$] situation.
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