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la rollercoster de coachella

So, the coachella lineup was announced today. At first, I was not super excited about it (for reference, among an incredible list of acts last year's festival included Radiohead's only U.S. appearance, for which I would've paid the two days admission price) and then I started looking more closely at the non-headliners (aracade fire! firey furnaces! weezer!) and began to convince myself that it would be fun to go.

Then I arrived at my office and realized that I am already almost committed to attending an American Heart Association conference scheduled for the same weekend, which will be substantially less fun. Maybe my abstract will get rejected and I can re-evaluate my plans for the end of April.


If I could go, I'd be totally up for Saturday, but then I'd also want to see The Prodigy, NIN, and British Sea Power on Sunday. Too bad it's not during spring break.
it's on a weekend! you save $ by buying a two day pass!

i can't go :(
You've inspired me that I need to go as well. Actually I've been dying to see Weezer since 1994...Finally, my chance!
dreams really do come true, I guess.
It's odd to me that Weezer isn't a headliner. Did you go to their show at Key Arena? Oh Rivers.

When the Blue Album had first come out and they were super popular, they were supposed to play a show in Sacramento as part of the alternative radio statio's Christmas show. They got there but their equipment didn't, they played one song on borrowed equipment, then left. I remember my friend being so mad. Ever after that, it seemed really uncool to like Weezer. When I got to UW, and found that everyone loved Weezer, I was astounded. It really made me wonder if everyone in Sacramento didn't dislike Weezer because of that one incident in 1994/5.
I know. They haven't been on tour for a while, have they? It seems like they'd attract more people than any of the actual headliners.

I did see them at Key Arena. It was super great. I loved all of the confetti.
we were going to shows together before we even knew each other!