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seriously, what?

I loaded up The Stranger to see if they had posted the cover for the "Ben Exworthy Narcissism Issue" (they hadn't; so I took a picture [flickr]) and was surprised to find a familiar face gracing the Lovelab Ad of the Day.

And I don't know anyone.


update (thx, brian!): don't forget to submit your valentines [#] and nominations for seattle's sexiest people [#]. It's really a shame that they don't have a sexiest 'blogger category, right? But that's the beauty of the "other" category.


reminds me...

I need to post my stranger valentines

Re: reminds me...

everyone needs a little free valentine action.

Re: reminds me...

btw... keep your eyes peeled for my "George and Laura" posting.
whoa, Ben works in the same company as me... I had no idea he was such a superstar!
He's got more money than God!
you know the guy?
mmhmm...I know him as "shug" (as in "Sugar daddy"); he's a major financer of the local Burning Man camp Flight To Mars
PS: That was also a nod to the great nutrigrain commercial
and after this week, "everyone" will "know" him. And how often he and his girlfriend have sex (see "last days")


thanks to the Stranger (and Ben), there is now an explicit price for Seattle fame.

Re: $12k

I think this is so great. Akin to finally knowing what Kathleen Wilson looks like.

Re: $12k

I know. This week is totally Exworth's Party.

best physical description ever

"rode hard and put away wet"

Re: best physical description ever

words of wisdom from Drop Dead Gorgeous
There should be a category for sexy record store people.
people as in employees
use the "other" category!

nominate early and often.
Your wish was granted -- Eli, from Sonic Boom, won this category.
Really? Hmm.
really. see for yourself in tomorrow's issue!