josh (joshc) wrote,

on par with a night of heavy drinking

I had to set my alarm to go off a whole hour earlier than usual on Friday because the morning is apparently the only time that works for everyone to have a really annoying meeting. I realize that complaining about a nine o' clock meeting is completely whiny, but it's really the combination of the earliness and the content that makes it extra special.

After some work and techfee meeting fun, I met up with the epidemiology drinking club at Flowers. After a couple beers and a little food, I was ready to fall asleep at home on the couch at a very early hour.

Yesterday was Saturday and I finished reading Cloud Atlas and hung out with Jeff and his friends at the Bus Stop. Even though the bar is basically a non-distinct Cha-Cha overflow space (no signs of cabaret), the music was o.k. and we ended up having fun and weren't able to really think of somewhere that we'd rather go given the likelihood of running into heavier crowds at other venues. The crowd at the Bus Stop included a guy with a giant chin who looked like Jay Leno's cousin. Also, a woman who showed up wearing a tight yet loosely knit poncho and turned out to be part of our group; so I was glad that I did not immediately make fun of it. Maybe I did slightly mock it, since I now remember that she told us where she got it.

We ended the evening at someone's apartment where I learned that Goldschlager tastes like Red Hots, or rather like cinnamon. I don't know why I didn't know this.

I woke up this morning not feeling very well and spent most of the day being lazy, but managed to make it out of the house to pick up groceries. Thanks to the miracle of Comcast OnDemand, I watched Underworld, which was the dumbest thing I could find on the list. It did not disappoint my very low expectations.

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