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contest! (not really)

So, there's a new Postal Service video that Jared "Napolean Dynamite" Hess directed [boardsmag] for "We Will Become Silhouettes." Go ahead, watch it -- your indie heroes in ugly clothes -- then report back to explain the wardrobe selection for the final scenes.

Post apocalyptic chic?

And aren't they scraping the bottom of the barrel [Ed: is this even the correct expression?] for singles? We liked the Shins version much better.

(via stereogum [#])


See, when people get nuked, what is left of them is shadows, or "silhouettes". So they made pre(not post)-apocalyptic clothing because they're waiting for the apocalypse of nukes, and they're essentially saying, "We'll become shadows burned into the earth from being burned up, but we'll live the simple life until then".