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on the march

My exit from class coincided with the beginnings of (anti-)auguration day festivities on campus. As I passed through Red Square to catch a downtown express bus, a throng of demonstraters were similarly on the move. [flickr]

I don't know if I'll walk down to Westlake to see what's happening. Before the election, I had this idea that it would be good to go to the actual inauguration, as some sort of closure. Now, though, the idea of standing in the rain with the people who didn't do enough to turn the election to a Bush defeat (/Kerry victory, which may have been a part of the problem) just seems a little too depressing.


they're nice and loud down there. They just walked past my window.
What do they want? When do they want it?

(What are they doing about it?)
they want to yell. now!

(they're going to yell).

There was a bit of no war. and then a lot of stuff I couldn't make out from the 9th floor.
yes, that's what I thought.

I might need to watch them tear down the Bush statue. And leaving the office for a little bit is probably not the worst idea ever.