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two more days

[yesterday = tuesday]
Kate found out that she's being shipped off to Botswana for the Peace Corps in a couple of months; so some of us went out for Ethiopian food at Queen Sheeba to celebrate her good news. I don't think that the choice of African food was necessarily meant to reflect her assignment in Africa, but maybe. I don't know if there are any Botswanan [?] restaurants in town, anyway.

After dinner, Kate and I went to Chop Suey to see Mount Eerie. First, though, we had to listen to Calvin Johnson and C.O.C.O. Calvin told a story about a now-dead math[s] teacher who wanted to be a cowboy and sang some weird songs. Later the Chop Suey management made the kids stand up instead of sitting cross-legged on the floor. Then C.O.C.O. played some more enthusiastic music, though they seem really to have two songs -- one where the guy plays the guitar and the girl plays the drums (and vice versa).

This show's Mount Eerie was composed of Phil Elverum (as always) with they guy [Adrian?] from Thanksgiving on water bottle and some other guy on the bass. Every Mount Eerie show seems to be like watching an experiment unfold. The [many short] songs were all from the No Flashlight project, and even though it seemed like Phil was teaching them to the others as they went along, they claimed to have practiced at least twice. Still, a pretty neat.

[today - wednesday]
Work and swimming. Then Rachel and Jon [E] and I went to the (smoke-free) Ravenna Alehouse because Jon lives in Ravenna and found out that they have a pub quiz on Wednesday night. Unlike our usual results at the Irish Emigrant -- ranging from embarrassingly bad to within points of victory -- we completely took first place by one point. Everyone else won cheesy prizes, but we each took home a stack of cash. Very exciting.

In other news, it's becoming almost balmy (or at least springlike) here. The temperature in my apartment has been in the "comfort zone" for at least two days and I've even opened a window.

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