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adventures in direct marketing

Tonight I went to diner with Rachel, Elena, and Jon. The dinner was part of some sales pitch for a miracle cure, but we weren't allowed to know what it was until we arrived. When we got there, the pitchman revealed the product -- magnetic beds. He tried to encourage us not to stay since we were clearly not in his target demographic.

We decided to stay in the company of the elderly for the free meal. It was really interesting to hear how the sales pitch included concepts that the average person would identify as important to improving their health without really being accurate or correct. I wonder if any of the people there decided to shell out the $1000+ dollars for a 4000 gauss magnetic bed pad?


Despite the great fun of this dinner and the post-dinner Survivor watching excitement, the best part of the night was finding my missing keys in Elena's car on the way home. I noticed that they were missing last Saturday and had pretty much given up on finding them. Yay for not needing to pay massive re-keying fees!

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