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overheard: victrola

she, to her o.k. cupid date:
"whenever I reply to someone on OKCupid, I purposely use big words ... because I'm a nerd and I like big words"


is that site like sparknotes or spark match or something?
I don't know what those are -- o.k. cupid is this site where you answer a bunch of questions and then it tells you who "matches." I tried it for about twenty minutes this spring and forgot about it until tonight.
i've been reading your journal on and off for a week or so now. i wasn't going to say anything but i found it interesting that you were the second person to give the arcade fire cd rave reviews just after i'd picked it up. so perhaps i will speak up if only to agree and also to say that this tidbit amuses me if only because i can't imagine the context in which she would reveal this information to the date she is (supposedly) trying to impress. it almost sounds as though she sits poised at the computer with a thesaurus in hand (or at least that is the amusing mental picture i draw).

i've been rambling on with the sole intent of introducing myself. i'm marisa. hello.
oh, it's better. He was her o.k. cupid date, who had apparently passed the big word test and made it to the Victrola phase of her dating obstacle course. They left together after a few minutes; so maybe he's a keeper!
Let's hope they wait at least a week before getting their "true love or bust" tattoos. Of course she also swore she'd never regret the cd of poorly written love songs she released about the last okcupid virtual knight in shining armor. Online love is such a pitfall.
Admit it, YOU were here okcupid date!
I wish!

Then I could have spent the evening talking about Star Trek and how Vulcans could or couldn't die.