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nothing really

Superfun normal life continues. I went to class, then the pool, then the library where I wrote a little program in perl that is likely to make my life much easier. I think that most of the fun was a result of the emacs syntax highlighting. I am exceptionally proud of this admittedly modest achievement. Perhaps this is why I bought myself some CDs on the way home. Maybe I was just sick of not having new things to listen to on the old iPod. Who knows, really?

Now, I'm not really watching this godawful show called life and we know it [Kelly Osbourne! The Station Agent! fake Seattle!] because I didn't get caught up on the o.c.. yet. Because I'm so busy with assorted work projects to watch television in a timely fashion. Like I said, superfun times.


I'm a hardcore fan, but I must say that this season on the O.C. is starting to pick up. Its started off rather slowly, but perhaps everyone will enjoy next weeks episode. *laughs* (This weeks was alright, so catch up soon!)
How does Life involve the Station Agent?
Peter Dinklage plays the no nonsense high school counselor/psychologist. I like to think of him as the station agent, even though he had a name in the film (and a name in real life).

Finbar McBride, (both of) which I needed to look up on imdb.
Okay, I was going to ignore your last comment about life as we know it but I can't ignore two. Now, I know it's no the O.C. and it's not the best show on television. However, this show does have it's own charm, and it's worthy of a laugh here and there. And you keep watching it, so there must be something that you like about it;)
I think it's the car crash phenomenon. Is this show even on the air? Is it still in the Thursday night slot of death?

not sure

You know I have DVR so it would record it if it were on. And no, it hasn't recorded it in several weeks. I think it's probably been canceled. Oh well.