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Lock up my credit cards -- I'm drooling over the new stuff from Apple. I have myself convinced that buying a mac Mini and a flash iPod would make my life spectacularly better.

I've been feeling this way about a flash drive for a while -- mixing it with an iPod makes it so much more attractive. Couple that with getting a mini for the office = new product infatuation overdrive.


I felt that way after reading the article on CNN.com today about Apple introducing the 99$ iPod on the market and the under 500 Mac (minus keyboard and monitor). I think it all sounds quite fabulous.
it's unfortunate that I'm in the low point of my annual discretionary spending budget cycle -- post xmas recovery and impending payments to the university. still very tempted though!
Well in the case of the iPod Shuffle it's actually a really smart purchase. A 1 Gb player smaller than the size of a pack of gum for $149? Yes plz.

The Mac Mini, as discussed here, is not quite such the deal it seems once you put some horsepower inside of it. Kinda sad, cause it's cute as shit.
I wish I'd been more impulsive. Now it's 1-2 week wait from the online apple store. The U Village store says they'll have some in by the end of this week. I wonder if there's a wait list?

plus, it's cute.

I really wish the mac mini existed a few years ago when I bought my imac. Not that I don't love my iMac, but I'd love that $1000 more given what I used this iMac for.

Re: plus, it's cute.

the mac mini is cute and a good deal if you already have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse sitting around -- which makes it a perfect argument for 'switchers.' otherwise, the eMac (or even iMac or iBook) are probably more affordable.

of course, it will probably look severely less cute once it's plugged in to an old monitor and keyboard. but at least it will be a mac.