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Maybe it was just a drill.

On the way home from the HUB, there were helicopters above campus and police blocking parts of 15th. I expected that it would be "breaking news" so I've been trying to pay attention to the local channels. But there is nothing. Well, there are stories about kittens and orphans and weather.

I guess I could have wandered around to gawk at the chaos, but I thought doing it from home would be more polite.


I posted about the copters too, and was told there was a car jacking by Northgate and they're looking for the 2 suspects. Dunno if they were found or not yet.


Thanks for the update. I don't really have the ability to pay attention to local news for more than a few minutes...

At least it wasn't anything that affected me directly. Something like "nuclear waste spills on campus: please avoid red square".
There needs to be more stories about Bonsai Kittens

Inserting a Bonsai Kitten

(I believe the website is a sick joke)


I hope it's just a case of too much free time + bizarre sense of humor.


Absolutely.. I was bored as heck... and found that link a month ago... figured i'd share the bizarreness.


Someone last night actually said that there was a bomb scare on 15th- don't know if this is true or not.


hmmm. i guess a bomb scare is probably more exciting than a carjacking. maybe it'll be in the daily on monday.