josh (joshc) wrote,

goodbye insomnia, hello alarm clock

It looks like that snow that people have been talking about is finally following through on its promise to wreak havoc on the city. At least it's making gestures of filling the air with wet snowflakes that might make the lives of tipsy post-bar drivers a little more challenging.

After an afternoon of working and a department happy hour at the Satellite Lounge (go ahead, argue with sweet potato hush puppies -- orbs of deliciousness) a few of us went downtown to watch Million Dollar Baby. I had convinced the group that the movie was likely to be an uplifting tale of beating the odds. When Hillary Swank was kicking ass less than halfway through, I realized that the story would probably turn out to be a little more complicated.

I liked it. Even though I was sitting behind a woman with a giant head and excellent posture or exceptional height. I can see why it's on a lot of critic's top # lists -- high quality all around. Maybe I'll try to get in the habit of writing more, but later.

In the apartment building across the street, people are at their window dancing. Whether it's regarding the precipitation, I'm not sure.

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