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so much for the snow warnings?

After class this morning I had to walk over to the IMA to renew my locker (basket) before the deadline. Since I'd been so lazy about signing up for credits, I didn't get my U-PASS and registration until last night. At last, I can stop fearing that bus drivers will notice my out of date stickers! While I was there, I swam until I cracked my toenail open making an especially sloppy turn.

Rather than bleeding in the pool, I called it a day and limped to catch a bus back to work, where I hung around for a few distraction-filled hours. On the way, I finally made it into Red Line and was pleasantly surprised -- both with the quality of the food and with the overall interior atmosphere. I took my food to go since I was already running late, but it seems pretty decent.

Carole, Carolyn, Jeff, and I met in Pioneer Square for some art walking. With the winter weather, none of the street vendors were around; so we looked at expensive pretty things in the galleries. We are not especially talented in the criticism department -- discussing differences between tacky and gaudy and determining whether certain pieces were too Pier One. This is not to say that there weren't many good specimens on display. The live/work spaces were mostly closed though, which was sort of disappointing. Even the Live Girls were on vacation.

After gawking at a screaming building (a broken steam pipe?), we had dinner in a cozy booth at Trattoria Mitchelli, where we were joined by Atri, Carole's fiancé. It turned out to be a long dinner. We tried to assist in the wedding planning and made fun of some of the worst movie previews of the season. Because of Winn-Dixie is probably our anti-favorite (with Constantine a strong contender).


i think redline is suffering due to the exterior of that building. we stopped in for snacks once and i absolutely loved it... cheap, cute, tasty! the trifecta of light eating. but i still can't bring myself to go on a regular basis because the outside makes me think they're selling used tires.
I agree 100%. The sad thing is that I think that they re-did the exterior before opening. A total failure.

I think that ehy could change some little things on the outside to make it less offensive, but I'm not exactly sure what.
Sorry about your toenail - ouch!

We saw that preview again tonight, along w/Racing Stripes and some weird Winnie the Pooh movie.