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regarding the (now confirmed? [eweek]) internet gossip that SixApart will buy LiveJournal [gigaom],

pretend you don't know about the news ...
Poll #413447 rumor

I think that there will be a LiveJournal--SixApart merger:



that does have the look of something official, doesn't it.

We should see if brad will take the poll.

maybe you can refer him

if only I could get on his friendslist ...

Re: maybe you can refer him

he told me he'd take it tomorrow, after he makes an annoucement of some sort!

Re: maybe you can refer him

in the interest of CYA, Brad did not actually say this. I didn't even talk to him.

Re: maybe you can refer him


Re: maybe you can refer him

covering your ass
did you mean to say "pole".

as in a reference to taking it in the "hoo-hoo".

coz it sounds like he's going to do that tomorry!

and twice on sundays

tomorrow, and every other day of the week.
<a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/news/82926.html</a>I just cheated</a> :)
maybe I should change it to 'did you believe' ... except that that isn't possible. crappy livejournal sixapart.
You should check Brad's page again...it's official so far as I can tell. And is it true that everyone in the world has met or knows of danah boyd? It would appear that way...
oh, I haven't met danah, but I think that her weblog is pretty great and her research is interesting.
yeah, that's why I added the link to the [Unknown LJ tag] item. I kept reading posts about the sale and couldn't tell if people were taking it seriously.

I wasn't, but Brad's explanation makes a lot of sense, and makes the feeling that change is bad seem less severse. Still, I'm not sure how I feel about the whole "new robot overlords" situation. I really hope that it works.