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chair, apartment

not exactly an insomniac

It's been something like four days, maybe, since a what I've been doing post. I hope you haven't been overwhelmed with curiosity.

On Friday, I had to get up before sunrise to get ready to fly back to Seattle. This wasn't very complicated since my mom and dad's puppy started barking every hour or so during the night. When we got to the airport, I found that my flight had been cancelled and that I had to be transferred to a different airline. Aside from the delay in departure, this switch marked me as a suspicious passenger requiring hand searches of my person and baggage. This was especially convenient since I was traveling with a tightly packed and sealed box of xmas treasures to avoid shipping fees. This altered schedule did give my mom and I an extra hour to hang out at the nearby Greek restaurant for a greasy pre-dawn breakfast.

I made it back to Seattle without further incident and tried (mostly unsuccessfully) to sleep through the afternoon to catch up on my sleep bank deficit before meeting up with friends at Rachel and Jon's house. We sampled some cocktails in their fancy new glasses before the group fragmented to attend to various new year's eve plans. Planless, Rachel, Jon, and I ended up checking out the Hedwig thing at the Crocodile, running out to watch the exploding Space Needle, and adjourning to B & O. It turned out to be a pretty low-key event, which was completely fine.

Even though I didn't sleep late, Saturday was still lazy. I read and watched a bunch of episodes of Carnivále (hooray for OnDemand) and met up with Kate and Rachel to watch The Godfather, Part II. Before the movie, I tried to play Rachel's Dance Dance Revolution on the Xbox, but it was mostly beyond my comprehension. The movie was good, though I fell asleep for parts of it. After Kate dropped me off at home, I realized that my keys were still on Rachel's coffee table. Of course, my windows were still locked from being away for so long and I was unable to sneak inside. Luckily, I remembered my cell phone and was able to FlexCar my way back up to Greenwood to retrieve the keys. I really need to find a hiding place for my spare keys, since I'm such a flake about locking myself out.

Kate, Carole, Atri, and I met for crepes at Joe Bar onSunday afternoon before watching Bad Education, which I mentioned in my favorite things post. It was really good and you should try to see it.

Monday brought me back to the office, where my repaired iBook awaited. I started catching up on things that I'd been neglecting over the break, had a meeting, and then went to campus for techfee (now with late monday afternoon meetings!). Rachel, Jon, and I made an attempt at the pub quiz at the Irish Emigrant.


I am fairly certain that I'm getting a cold. I'm just amazed that I was able to avoid it for this long, yet I am still doing my best to take preemptive action. That is, I am believing in the power of Zicam. Last night I drank a hot toddy, because I think that's what people do when they're not feeling well and because it's a super tasty drink for this godawful cold weather. At least it's sunny and cold.


hot toddies at the bleu bistro = a++++

I love how it seems like such a serious drink what with the whiskey (or scotch?), but actually tastes good.
shannon is a big fan. i myself cannot drink the brown liquors.
yeah. I'm more of a clear liquors fan, but the hot toddy is a special case. At least in moderation.
Maybe it's just me, but "hot toddy" sounds like something you do to someone.

I hope this help! :o)

Techniques you've probably already tried but are still worth trying again:


I hope this help.

Re: I hope this help! :o)

thanks! I think it was a matter of getting back into the PST groove.

Re: I hope this help! :o)

PST? :o) and that stands for??? :o)

Re: I hope this help! :o)

pacific standard time (GMT - 8) -- I had spent the previous ten days in Michigan, which is Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5).

Only a three hour difference, but I think that's why my sleep cycle was messed up.

Re: I hope this help! :o)

Well, like I said, I hope your sleeping time gets better. ^-^*

I'll see/read you around!! ^-~