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Poll #412944 cell phones


sidekick II -$50
motorola a630 +$50
T-mobile is the devil, even if their phones are really neat

(I'm currently on SprintPCS)


I actually looked into all of those plans when I was switching to T-Mobile, and if I had the money, I would have gotten the Sidekick 2 because it has unlimited internet, email, and text messaging.
of course, as for talk time...
I know! It's all so complicated. I really hate my current phone's internet experience, but I don't know if I really want to carry around something the size of the Sidekick.
Yeah! but if you did get a Sidekick, you'd have the same phone as Snoop Dogg.
And don't forget the Dogg's words:

"Everybody needs a Sidekick™"

still undecided

yeah. my vernacular is in desperate need of more special characters.
I can't speak for the devices above, but I can say that I absolutely LOVE T-mobile. (I switched from Sprint.) Getting Sprint to shut off my service was a chore though. Lots of holding and then they tried to sell me my old service back with extras, even though I told them I had been added to somebody else's plan and that Sprint never worked in any home I've had in Seattle. It was awesome.
I think that this is why I've stayed with Sprint for so long. Their voice service is o.k. enough, but every interaction with them (either phone of internet) has been such a tremendous chore that I've tried to avoid them as long as possible.

And I think it would be fun to have a new phone to look at the internet on the bus.
I just started taking the bus home at night now that josh has class two nights a week. I was so unprepared on monday because my palm pilot had a dead battery so I couldn't play dope wars like I normally would. I don't have internet on my phone, but I text messaged like crazy.
When I switched to T-Mobile from Cingular, they dealt with Cingular. All I had to bring in was my Cingular phone bill and they cancelled my account for me and transferred my phone number to T-Mobile. I'm sure they'd be able to do the same with Sprint so you wouldn't have to interact with them.
If you decide to get T-Mobile, and if no one asked you this yet, could you refer my phone number? 206-351-4336. If I get people to refer my phone number, I get a discount on my bill. Amazery! I might lose my job, take pity on me!
It's quesitonable whether I could be your friend anymore if you buy a Sidekick. Unless you already have, in which case of course we're still friends.

Switch to Cingular/AT&T. They're new and trying to get your business.
really? I thought that you might approve.
For some reason I hate the Sidekick. I don't actually know why. I think Blackberrys and the Treo are okay.
hmmm. this is a mystery. Maybe I'd be more into the Treo if I could get it for free.