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Hi there, I'm in Michigan. There was a dinosaur skeleton in the O'Hare airport. That's all for now.


I love that terminal! Mainly because of the dinosaur.
I like how proud Chicago is of itself.

Everything in the airport seems to be an extension of that city pride -- museums, old airplanes, dinosaurs, infomercials, and Daley's name on any available surface.

chicago should be proud

it's a wonderful city. i hope you've gotten out of o'hare a time or two. ellen was mad at me for my lack of living in and rearing her in chicago when we went to the field museum and listened to/felt the brontosaurus's (OK he's got a new name, but i'm old school) foot falls (in between frantic phone calls nailing down the Thackeray rental) not to mention the stuffed maneless lions who (that?) ate all those people trying to build a railroad in Africa. the people were trying to build, not the lions.

Re: chicago should be proud

oh, I agree. Growing up a few hours away from the city, I've had more than a few opportunities to see it outside of the airport.