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I'm randomly laughing like a crazy person

The dreams I had last night have been making me laugh all morning. I think it's the combination of the movies I saw this weekend and witnessing live karaoke. They probably (1) wouldn't be really funny to anyone else and (2) might be embarrassing to the people in the dream; so I guess it's probably best not to share.

When I bought some juice before class, the coffee lady said "so you are the hunter, now I know." Whenever I remember her saying this, I laugh a little. It's not as if this nice lady is crazy --
I'm wearing a shirt with a Boba Fett icon with the words "I am a hunter" underneath. Still, it is intensely humorous to me.

I bought the shirt because I thought it is orange and green and looked cool; not because I'm a huge Star Wars fanatic. Anyway -- I am not a hunter, Boba Fett is.



yeah - I mean everyone knows that it's Bob Barker, the animatronic / triumph of cryogenics game show host that is the pimp.